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House surrounded by trees
Man cutting a tree

From firewood to fallen branches, we've got you covered when it comes to all of your tree trimming, clearing, and removal needs.

Free estimates on all tree removal services.


Remove unsightly trees from your yard or simply trim back the deadwood for a cleaner and safer appearance. We will let you know what trees can be removed safely and whether or not you need other trees and branches trimmed.

No need to worry about the safety of your home.

• Crown reduction

• Crown thinning

• Elevating canopy

• Stump grinding

• Tree spading

• Bracing and cabling

• Deadwood pruning

• Firewood

• Grounds care

• Safety-first tree removals

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Protect your home and your landscape.

Let our tree service professionals help your property look greener, healthier, and more beautiful than ever before. Trust C&R Tree Service for all of your tree removal, lot clearing, and storm damage repair needs.

Trust our arboriculture experts.

We offer 24-hour emergency services for your convenience.

Man cutting a tree stump